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  1. News

    Asher Weinberg has joined Surround Entertainment as Art Director. Weinberg comes to us with over 20 years of film art direction and production design working with studios like Disney, Paramount, and Nickelodeon.

    The recent Change Positive Rewind Film Festival shines a spotlight on women and local independent film in a variety of categories. Up next, we tell you about two new distribution deals for female-centric screenwriters.

    When it comes to the historically male-dominated

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    System requirements include a computer with a 500MB free hard disk space, a

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    Now you can edit or create any MP3 file, then save it to your hard drive to listen to it anywhere, so that you can find the files.
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    Burn your albums straight to CD or create MP3 discs.
    Special functions include the wave editor, resampling, fading, crossfading, masking, normalizing, pitch shifting, equalizing,

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  4. INE

    openSMILE is currently available at the project home on

    If you need help with the installation or have feature requests, please check the openSMILE users mailinglist on sourceforge:

    If you’re lucky enough

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  5. As the application is on the education spectrum, it is meant to be fun and not meant to be a hard simulation or quiz.

    The following features are found in Microbiology 1:

    Multiple choice questions – 1,500 questions in five categories with multiple choice answers
    Fill in the gaps questions – 890 questions in 10 categories with no multiple choice answers.
    FAQs (frequently asked questions) – multiple questions and answers are found towards the end of the game.

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  6. Blokback – Offline Browser – Blokback is online user-friendly browser with a great deal of useful tools, such as tab-trimming, Collapsing tool bar and much more. It has a user-friendly and almost instant interface and you do not have to do much configuration to use these tools.
    You can close all tabs you do not need in the fly. About 50 sites can be closed at a time. You can get to tab-top without minimum hassle with the tab-top menu.
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  7. Sometimes blocking of ads can cause boot loop. Sometimes Ads ignore Hosts file and unblock host even if the Hosts file contain the blocked host. To prevent this, you may need to use the Web-security add-on.


    Best way to blocking ads in the browsers is to use an in-built application/tool, such as the one, called Adblock which provides a few features such as:

    Blocks all image, JavaScript, Flash and other

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  8. The following example uses the given single precision version and shows how to calculate several in- and outputs on two real numbers.

    forall = 5.96023 = 3.1520285714285714 = 3 ; ;

    See also the Trigo Math Simulator for AppleScript.Dendritic cells and natural killer cells are possible determinants of human breast cancer progression.
    Dendritic cells (DCs) are thought to play a central role in presenting antig

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  9. Detailed Description

    Advanced Serial Data Logger is full utilization of DDE technologies and DDE architecture. Further, You can use its features on COM port just like MS Windows with any dedicated programs for getting data. Here, You can change your COM port. You should use only used ones for getting highest performance. After selecting other port, you should select it at main menue. You can set minutes to update data on database with all previous data and all previous data to remember.

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    The Windows 10 December Update makes it easier to find and delete unused apps from your PC. But don’t be fooled by this new feature. If you want to get rid of as many apps as possible before you start installing

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  11. What’s more, the program allows you to visually analyse data, so you can spot any problem that occurs later on.
    This way, you are able to identify the applications that make use of the most RAM memory, or the ones that tend to access a sequence of events very often.
    The program allows you to view any data accessed when the application is executed and the amount of associated RAM used.
    For example, when you use the program for internal purposes, you can view the amount

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  12. and Guide To Thunderbird

    The complete door lock is highly precision machined and tested. The material and design of the lock make the door secure and safe. High quality brass frame and knobs. Built in deadbolt lock that must be turned to open the door. Brushed Look Finish. Rungeted entry knob. Rungeted door knob face. Easily slide in and out of the door.
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    This is the official website of URL 2 IP Portable download,

    Main features
    URL 2 IP Portable is a tiny software tool that enables anyone to find out the IP address of a particular URL, easily and quickly. You can use this tool to find out the IP address of one or many websites.
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    eXperience for Linux version 3.0

    eXperience for Linux 3.0 is a neat utility that allows you to manage your date and time, boot time, power off time, hard disk boot time, wake up

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  15. You can grab it from the company’s website.Yahoo Sports’ Adam Fromal believes the majority of the best free agents are making offseason commitments. They’re all waiting to see if the notoriously unpredictable power void at the top of the Supreme Court will be the undoing of by far the best and most fair arbitration process in baseball. The pendulum has swung far from where it was only a few months ago, and some might question if the baseball landscape will be headed back to

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  16. 2-Way VHF/UHF (Listen and Talk) Recorder Software. Record radio programs on iPod/iPhone, Windows desktop, Android and OS-X computers, tablets, and mobile smartphones. You can record shows and then listen to them later, or you can record two shows simultaneously — listen to one while the other runs as a timed recording.
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    You have other options such as pause playback, save current project as.MP4, or open the.MP4 project in Macromedia Flash and make any adjustments if needed.
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  18. This screensaver focuses on the teaching of the Buddhist, to the point that it aims to keep you in a state of peace all day long.
    Have your way on your desktop, free from worries. Its…

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    Can anyone help me understand this compile error?

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  20. required
    ■ An available bluetooth enabled PDA or mobile phone
    ■ The Bemused client which also requires foobar2000 to work
    How to install it
    Simply unzip the contents of the download to…

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  21. With msmtp you can also specify an alias file and a mail destination. It is possible to choose files for destination for virtual users, fixed aliases, fixed email addresses, aliases marked for blocked users, and for completely blocked users, it is possible to specify to use the LHOST or RHOST fields of the inbound for local recipients; to specify a list of public IPs in a given domain, or even specify that only certain addresses should be allowed to use this application.
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  22. Currently, the app is available for both Windows and macOS, so you can enjoy it on any of your devices.
    What’s new in the latest version of MailWrap 15.5.3:
    You can now send and receive large file attachments with MailWrap. They are downloaded directly to the clipboard, so you can then send them to yourself or a friend via e-mail.
    You can now reply to multiple emails simultaneously with MailWrap. Just right-
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  23. Perhaps being able to bookmark a browser page in a simple text file would be ideal.
    Still, you can open any page in a new tab using the ‘Open folder in browser’ function, by simply pressing the ‘Start’ button. From the installation folder, navigate to the folder containing the saved websites and open the file with the same name of the directory.

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  24. The app will help you to track your purchases and watch lists, and to find yourself a new widget or to have an application made for you.
    eBay for Windows 8 works in a sleek and minimalist, Windows 8-style interface, and works smoothly and without lag in general.
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    eBay for Windows 8 allows you to sign in with all the available information and passwords, so your eBay account will always be ready for you.

    This is an old model of Windows which used to pop up as the first suggestion in taskbar search. Clicking
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    You can use this Icon Pack for personal or commercial use. Each icon pack comes with a readme file containing detailed installation instructions.

    Note: Just like the screenshots show, some icons in this package does not follow the same design rules as other Icon Packs. You will be able to recognize these icons by looking closely at them and flipping over to ZZT to see how the original creator have designed them.
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    Unfortunately, $35 is much less than the $600 that uTorrent users are paying, and the attackers are now switching to bitcoins for payments. 
    Why this ransomware strain is so dangerous 
    All three ransomware families, Petya, Locky, and now Chimera, seem to share the same source of code, an interesting fact because the creators of these robust strains take care not to damage the legitimate processes on your machines.

    For this week’s theme: R
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  29. AutoCapture is an Open Source FOSS capture software written in C++.

    autoback is a GUI for auto backing up of all folders or selected folders, ignoring read-only. With autoback a computer user can back up almost all of their data, including music, movies, archives, configuration files and documents. It is fully integrated with the file manager, allowing the end user to abort tasks without undamaged data.

    autoInstall is an open source plugin
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  30. A filter dialog is available to make filter selection easier.

    The filter is completely independent of the merges and so doesn’t need to be applied to every diff.

    At prediffer level, the filter is applied to every file that is the first comparison and is applied after adding up the diff results.

    For unpacking at the unpacking level, the filter is applied to every first comparison.

    This package can be installed from nuget in nuget
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  31. What’s more, the app can be fully customized through the Settings panel.

    The Global Desktop takes pity on Windows, Linux, and macOS users by allowing them to ditch their ugly desktop backgrounds and bring a stylish layered panel of widgets to the tasks they perform.
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    [February 21, 2013] [@dual; @maes2], the dynamics of the concentration of the magnetization $M$ in the whole space is shown to be similar to that of the field $M_p$. Motivated by the observation that the behavior of $M$ is stationary for $t-t_w \
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  35. Answer:
    You can generate PDF files by using PDF Creator Portable from starbario Software. It provides users with functions for converting DOC, XLS, and other formats to PDF files. Plus, it runs on multiple platforms and there are no serial numbers.

    How can I turn off software shortcuts (Favorites) on the Start menu? I don’t need or want these shortcuts. I know I can remove the shortcut on the desktop, but I am talking
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  36. The longer I write about Free VPNs, the more I feel I need to protest. A lot of it is just some sort of minor nitpick, or is simply an opinion, but is still more on point than the Free VPN announcement is. It just feels like a waste to me, when so many other vendors are doing exactly what they want with their business.
    So, I wrote this, and, well, here it is. That’s all for this entry. As usual
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  37. Icy Radio is a program that allows you to download a number of stations directly to your PC/laptop.

    It is a software which is integrated with the Windows Media Format and it allows you to listen to the songs you have on your disk drive in different environments (desktop, laptop, iPhone, etc.). You don’t have to install this application, it’s a portable application, so it can be placed on any removable medium, such as a USB disk or a memory stick
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